Entertaining: My Perfect Fall Friday Night

I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to weekend plans -- usually I'd be equally as happy at home with a cheese plate and bottle of wine as I would out on the town with friends. But as summer turns to fall, the comfort of cozy sweat pants and new TV shows begins to sound a bit more appealing- so today I'm sharing a peek into my perfect friday night (this time of year)! Read on for tips on putting together an easy cheese plate and more pictures! 

I follow these basic guidelines when putting together a cheese plate. When it's just my guy and I, I'm not as fancy and will throw together just about anything I think works that we have, but when I entertain I try to be a little more thoughtful.

-Use at least 1 soft and 1 hard cheese (my go-to's are: gouda, fontina, goat milk brie, goat cheese, toscano)
-Rice crackers are a crowd pleaser.
-Use fruit to garnish (and eat) - cherries, figs and apples are my choices.
-Drizzle honey or truffle oil over your cheese!
-Garnish with herbs.
-Include nuts to nibble on.
-Salami & Proscutto make nice additions.

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