Since I shared my No Shopping Challenge I've received so many emails and messages from other people who were encouraged by this idea and are embarking on their own personal challenge! Being a style blogger, it's especially hard to not shop- after all most of what I put on this blog is about shopping or spending. I've realized that so is not my goal. My goal is to share how you can live your every day life in style and hopefully more of that message will be transparent this year.

I decided to share a few tips for those of you taking a challenge to shop less, appreciate what you have more and realize what you really do "need".

Continue reading for my tips.

1.  Clean Out Your Closet: From top to bottom- clean it out! Move your favorites to the front, purge what you haven't worn in a year and if it doesn't fit donate or get it tailored. This will allow you to rediscover pieces shoved in the back of your closet (like my yellow jacket) and realize how many clothes you actually have.
2. Avoid Temptations: Just don't go. Don't step into stores that will tempt you and if you have to go to Target make a list and stick to it. I personally just try to stay away. I have so much more free time now that I'm not stalking ASOS and Topshop every day!
3. Be Realistic: Don't create a challenge for yourself that you know you can't keep. I told myself I could purchase 3 new items for Fashion Week (far less than what I normally do) and limiting myself in this way is forcing me to think really hard about what I purchase. Whether you're giving yourself a monthly shopping budget or cutting it out all together, don't set yourself up for failure.
4. Question Your Wants Vs. Needs: Just ask yourself this question before you have the urge to make a purchase. Do you NEED another pair of sky high heels you may wear once a month or do you just want them, do you NEED another trendy top that will be out of style next year? It makes you think.
5. Strive For A Goal: Giving yourself a tangible reason not to shop can be very helpful - in my case it's saving for a trip to Paris. Would I rather have a $30 dress from Forever21 or a delicious lunch with my best gals in the City of Lights?

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