LATELY: My Easy Halloween Decor

An assortment of candles and candlesticks, sparkly skulls & spiderweb placements from The Dollar Tree.

Happy Halloween! This is one of my favorite holidays, aside from Christmas of course! I love decorating our place with spooky elements and dressing up. I can't wait for the day when we live in a house that actually has trick or treaters visiting.  We are celebrating this weekend with a costume party. I thought I'd share a few of my super simple Halloween decorations from our place.
I got these cardboard skulls at Michael's last year and covered them with glitter. I also picked up giant plastic bugs at Target a few years ago
 Black crows (another Dollar Tree purchase) perched all over our bookshelves.

 "Toxic" sign hangs above the bar and white flowers brighten up the room. 

 I swapped out my candles for a simple black pair and added a glittery skull to my coffee table tray.

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