Decorating: Home Office Space

myAgenda Mini/Pencil Cup/Magazine Files/To Do List/Small Tray/Clear Letter Tray/Personalized Stamp/Pentel Pens/Faux Malachite Clock/Lacquer Box/File Folders/Gold Pen/Washi Tape/Rhodia Notepads/Italian Pushpins

I've had office spaces on my mind lately, since I've been trying to carve out room in our tiny apartment to work. I've been "working" from our apartment for over a year now, balancing a full time job and my "other projects" (maintaining this blog, helping on Glitter Guide, and starting my own company, Bloggers Night Out). It's been tough, exhausting and exciting all at once. Earlier this month I decided to quit my full time job to pursue my other projects and new opportunities. Of course I'm a little scared, but I'm so excited and grateful that things have aligned in my life to give me the opportunity to pursue what I'm passionate about.

This blog will stay the same for the most part, with a little more attention and a minor makeover in the coming months. You'll also start to notice more advertising and sponsored posts. I hope to make these as natural and authentic as I can. Please know, I only ever support brands I believe in and that I think relate to my readers.  I'll continue contributing to The Washingtonian and was recently named Editorial Director at Glitter Guide- something I'm so excited about! I'm also offering social media and marketing services to local and small businesses. It's a lot, but when you love what you're doing it makes the stress a lot easier to handle.

I thought I'd share some dream office spaces, since my small bedroom nook will realistically never look like these, I discovered I can still have fun with desk accessories! I seem to bounce from my cramped desk to my dining table near the window throughout the day and am hoping to establish an organized work space where I can feel inspired and productive.
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