Lately: Life in Photos

 A new painting of mine- up for grabs! Interested in purchasing this baby? Shoot me an email for more info and images!
 Tested out a new cupcake shop over the weekend - I'm picky and was not a fan.
 Switching up our bedroom and added a little black & white. Please don't mind those wrinkles!
 Friday night cocktail - my favorite, Rosemary Gin Fizz.
 Rainy Sunday inside.
Decorations on the bar area. 

Hoping you had a lovely weekend! We relaxed most of the time, caught up on Downton Abbey (obsessed), seriously cleaned our apartment and had my family over for dinner. I caught up with a girlfriend over the most delicious lavender scones - and am determined to recreate them as soon as possible! We have a short week and then head to North Carolina on Thursday to visit my very best college friends and meet a new baby! 

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