Lately: Maine & Nantucket (and I'm still alive)

 Dionis beach in Nantucket
 My campsite "tablescape"
 4pm champagne pour at our Nantucket inn, The Chapman House - I died over this garden area!
 Mid-hike view at Acadia National Park 
 The lobster pound we shared a lobster at to kick off our trip

I can't remember the last time I took such an extended break from blogging. At first I freaked out about my absence here on my blog, but between preparing to be out of town and being out of town for work and play I didn't have too much time to worry. It was kind of nice not tweeting or checking Pinterest by the hour, letting emails go unanswered to really cut ties with the virtual life I've become so accustom to living and just relish the moment.

I'm back at home, enjoying simple things like cooking again (it's been almost 2 weeks!!),  treasures from our travels and making plans to stay cool this weekend. I'm also refreshed and inspired and eager to get back to work here on the blog, Glitter Guide, Bloggers Night Out and over at The Washingtonian. Above are a few snapshots from our trip up to Acadia & Nantucket - I will post further details next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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