Drugstore Beauty: Spring Skin Survival Guide with Dove

Today I'm going to share my spring skin survival guide with you- it's always hard for me to go from being bundled up under layers of cozy winter wear to bare legged within a matter of months! I try to prep my skin before I actually have to bare it (like right now when its close to 80 degrees) which helps me feel a little more confident. Below are the steps I suggest for sexy spring skin! 

1. Exfoliate- This is key. I try to exfoliate weekly, I'm talking really scrub down my skin using a scrub or exfoliating mit and body wash.
2. Moisturize- Fairly simple but it's easy to want to skip this step if your in a rush. I use a moisturizing body wash and follow up with an all-over slather with lotion right out of the shower. 
3. Use Sunless Tanner- I always think my skin looks better with a little glow, so I make my own gradual tanner by mixing a quarter size amount of sunless tanner with my body and face moisturizer. It's pretty fool proof and never streaks.
4. Deodorize- Obviously! I am a big fan of the clinical protection deodorants (like Dove's Clinical Protection Clear Tone Skin Renew that I just started using) that are on the market now, you apply them at night and never have to worry about wetness or odor throughout the day- ideal! 
5. Exercise- My skin looks best when I'm working out. I struggle to work out consistently as I balance my hectic work schedule, but I can almost always notice a difference in my skin when I've been frequenting the gym and running. 
*image via Emerson Fry (awesome clothing formerly known as Emerson Made!) 

As part of the DailyBuzz Style Program, I received free Clear Tone Deodorant and a stipend from Dove. However, my opinions are entirely my own.

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